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WCA offers top-tier education for career success.

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At WCA, we are passionate about our mission and the role we play in transforming our students’ lives, our communities, and the broader world. As a college of the community, we serve a variety of important roles, traditional education, professional & occupational education, business and science education, technical & vocational education, and personal enrichment–each of which we believe is critical in supporting our community and developing a strong and resilient workforce and populace. In doing this work, we are committed to partnering with the individuals, organizations, and universities throughout the country, to ensure that we remain accessible and provide a clear pathway to higher education for our increasingly diverse and underserved populations

Basic higher secondary education in humanities, commerce and science group

Undergraduate programs in arts, commerce, technology, law and computer science.

Post graduate programs in commerce, business, management and finance

WCA offers professional education like PIPFA, CA, ACCA, ACMA.

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WCA is hiring, get a chance to become a part of our faculty.





Teachers and Careers

We offer Scholarships for financial support

Scholarship opportunities for deserving Matric and Intermediate students.


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Discover a world of academic excellence at WCA College, offering a wide array of courses in science and commerce. Our admissions process focuses on merit, ensuring equal opportunities for all aspiring students. Whether you're transitioning from school to college with our intermediate programs or pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies, WCA College provides a holistic education experience, blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare you for success in your chosen field.

Access over 500 scholarships at WCA College, covering various disciplines. From merit-based to need-based and special achievements, we support your academic journey without financial constraints. Apply now and unlock your potential!

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Professional Teachers

Expert educators at WCA ensure student success with their knowledge and dedication.


WCA provides a supportive environment that fosters learning, collaboration, and personal development.

Scholarship facility

Accessible scholarship opportunities at WCA empower students to pursue their academic aspirations without financial barriers.

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