Scholarships at WCA

At WCA College of Science and Commerce, we believe in rewarding academic excellence. Our scholarship programs are designed to recognize and support students who demonstrate exceptional performance in their studies. Explore the opportunities below:

Free Education Scholarship

  • Criteria: Achieve 88% or higher marks in your previous academic year.
  • Benefit: Enjoy free education at WCA, covering tuition fees and related expenses.

Monthly Scholarships

  • 93% Marks: Receive Rs. 1000 monthly scholarship.
  • 96% Marks: Receive Rs. 5000 monthly scholarship.
  • 98% Marks: Receive Rs. 10,000 monthly scholarship.

These scholarships are a testament to our commitment to supporting deserving students and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder academic success. Apply now and unlock your potential at WCA College of Science and Commerce!

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